Exhibition: SHOCK! 1914… What if war began tomorrow?

In this exhibition, the State Archives of Belgium, CEGESOMA and the Royal Library of Belgium reconstruct the chaotic weeks of the summer and autumn of 1914. Visitors can relive the traumatic events day by day, through official reports, print media and personal testimonies.

But the exhibition aims higher: the outbreak of World War I propels the emerging mass media to its first global peak. Which channels of information existed and how reliable were they in 1914? Three generations later, the speed, the shape and the amount of information have gone through the roof. Radio, TV, internet and social media radically changed the coverage of war. These themes provide the exhibition with a universal and contemporary dimension that surpasses the mere historical point of view.

Free entry.

11.09.2014 – 28.02.2015.

More information on www.shock1914.be/en