The activities of Europeana Collections 1914-1918 are organised in four main areas of work (workpackages) which will be outlined below.
Documents and presentations produced in the course of the project are available from the outcomes page.

1. Coordination of content and enlargement of the network
Leader: Bibliothéque Royale de Belgique – Koninklijke Bibliotheek van Belgie (Frédéric Lemmers)

A coordinated list of criteria for selecting the items and the collections to be digitised will be set up, taking account of different thematic clusters, in order to upload to Europeana a representative selection of relevant works and masterpieces from the national library collections. The network of content providers will be enlarged by encouraging other institutions to enrich and complete the selected collections, making Europeana the first stop for quality content on the First World War on the web.
The Work Package will consist of four tasks:
Task 2.1 – Workshop establishing selection criteria
Task 2.2 – Selection of items
Task 2.3 – Survey of Research interests
Task 2.4 – Enlargement of the network

2. Digitising and full-text creation / OCR, aggregation to Europeana
Leader: Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (Ellen Geisriegler)

Ensure an efficient and cost effective workflow for a international collaborative thematic digitisation project on a large scale. Well-planned and coordinated digitisation efforts will reasonably contribute to ensure that targets are met and that the digital collections are all online by August 1914 – the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.
The Work Package will consist of six tasks:
Task 3.1 – Planning Workshop
Task 3.2 – Partners’ digitisation plans
Task 3.3 – Digitisation according to plan
Task 3.4 – Planning of metadata ingestion to Europeana via TEL
Task 3.5 – Liaison with Europeana
Task 3.6 – Ingestion of metadata in Europeana
Task 3.7 – Presentation in Europeana

3. Dissemination and educational activities
Leader: The British Library (Jamie Andrews)

Target user groups are made aware of the richness of content on the First World War in Europeana as a result of the project
This Work package consists of four tasks:
Task 4.1 – Media Communications: To disseminate the launch of the Project’s web portal to a variety of print, online, and other media sources
Task 4.2 – Learning Microsite: To make the content and ideas of the project accessible to a broad audience, particularly schools, in an engaging and interactive manner.
Task 4.3 – Regional dissemination workshops: Regional dissemination workshops to disseminate the project among important multiplicators by highlighting the content and presenting best practice examples of reuse of content for research purposes and education.
Task 4.4 – Launch Events alongside with Exhibitions of physical objects 2014: To disseminate the project and encourage related research within a primarily Higher Education audience, though appealing to general interest users

4. Coordination and management of the project, assessment and monitoring
Leader: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz (Thorsten Siegmann)

Provides the management, co-ordination and monitoring of project’s activities.